When and How Was Poker Made?

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Some believe that poker has been created in antiquity, others say that the gambling career has its origins in the nineties. Legends and stories of our ancestors say that poker was created in ancient China, when it was played in a game called “domino cars”, still others find the beginnings of this game with Persians and Hindus. However, written history clearly shows us the year of formation as 1984, when Jonathan H. Green, traveling by ship on the Mississippi river, observed the entertainment of local travelers. They played a deck of twenty cards, which consisted of tens, jacks, ladies, kings and aces, and each player obtained five cards in one hand. The traveler writing down the history of this game called it a “cheating game” because it largely relied on conspiring and cheating players. The next step was the legalization of this game, which was first performed by the United States Ambassador in Great Britain in 1872. This is a breakthrough year for poker, as it was then announced the legal rules of playing poker, excluding fraud and card tricks.

The following years were just flourishing for poker, new variations were created, such as Texas Hold and Poker Chips. The game became more and more popular and famous and was one of the most played games in existing casino premises. Poker has become a tournament game and a real passion for professional players who each year take part in the world poker tournament called the World Series of Poker, in which over twenty thousand players take part in recent years. However, along with the development of technology and the emergence of the Internet, poker has also grown in the network gaining fame and popularity in famous online casinos. Poker is the real king of gambling, thanks to which many people are enriched, but also thanks to which there are plenty of traditional casinos in the specially designed premises and online casinos, commonly known as online casinos. Poker is a great and fascinating gambling game that has been enchanting for years and will continue to delight and reign in the world of gambling in even the smallest parts of our world for many thousands of years.