The Method of Counting Cards in Blackjack

card heartsBlackjack is one of the card gambling games in which the methods and strategies developed by professional players play a key role, thanks to which today’s casino players have a better chance of winning in blackjack. in most games, the casino has a definite advantage over the player, but in blackjack it is different, so if you want to have an advantage over the casino, you should now master the method of card counting. There are many ways to count cards in blackjack, from the simplest to the most difficult ones, but we will deal with slightly simpler card counting methods for more beginner players. So in order to learn the technique of counting cards in blackjack, today you should start playing at one of our online casinos and learn it from the inside out by trial and error. First of all, let’s get acquainted with the basic Hi-Lo card counting system. It is a method that, with appropriate use in the game, gives the player up to 96.5% of the effectiveness in blackjack wins. The counting method was developed and described in the book “Beat the Dealer” by Edward Throp. in the later period, however, it was perfected by Stanford Wong in a book titled “Blackjack Secrets”. The method of counting Hi – Lo cards consists in assigning each card to the appropriate scoring:

  • cards with values ​​from two to six have a value of +1;
  • cards with values ​​from seven to nine have a value of 0;
  • cards with values ​​from tens to ace have the value -1.

If you sum up all these values, you will see that the final value will have the number 0, this method is to inform the player what values ​​of the cards in the deck remained, low or high. Each count should start from the beginning on the new dealer’s hand, the player’s task is to capture all cards appearing on the table and calculating whether there are high or low values ​​in the remaining cards in the deck. If there is a high score on the table, the higher cards are more likely to remain in the deck, but if the score is low, the probability of getting a low card is higher. Such knowledge is useful both when choosing cards and deciding to double the rate.

If we master the method of counting Hi – Lo cards, it is worth to learn more detailed methods of card counting, thanks to which our chances of winning in blackjack will continue to increase.